You Can’t Have My Life…But You Can Have Yours!

You Can’t Have My Life…But You Can Have Yours!


Last week I was having breakfast with a friend. We were catching up, and I was telling him about my kids and how well adjusted they seemed, about my wife and how much she liked her job and how things were with me in the multiple businesses that I am involved in.

After listening he looked at me and said, “I wish I had your life.”

I immediately responded, “You can’t have my life, but you can have yours.”

After talking for a while longer he began to get it. He could have whatever life he wanted for himself and his family; he just needed a vision of how he wanted it to look. He needed to understand that what was working well in my life was not by chance, but by design.

He asked me, “When you get up in the morning, what is the first thing you think of?”

I said that was easy to answer because for so long I lived without knowing.  I told him that when
I get up in the morning I promise myself two things. One, that I am going to do something that day that is going to make me smile. The second thing is figure out what I can do to make someone else smile. I told him if I could accomplish these two things every day, I was confident my day would be a success.

I told him I was clearly aware that life would challenge me every day, but also that life would reward me every day. It wasn’t until I had totally accepted these facts that I could have the life I wanted.

My friend told me that as long as he had known me (over 25 years) he had never known me to be envious of anyone else. I had this ability to live my life and not worry about what others think of me, or wish for what others have.

I let him know that my life was constantly filled with challenges that I decided to embrace and conquer.  I convinced him that once he stopped looking at others, realized the good in his own life and stopped focusing on the negative, he would not want my life. He would want his own.

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