Would You Pick You for Your Own Team?

I was thinking about what characters or attributes in a person would be most important to me when assembling the best team possible.

Then it hit me; do I possess the qualities that I demand of the people that I want on my team?

The answer is yes.

I am a leader in my business and I expect the people who work for me to be leaders or develop into leaders over a period of time.

I am a team player, always putting the success of my clients and employees side by side with my own success. I believe that if my clients and employees are successful, I cannot help but benefit.

I am loyal to my partners, clients and employees.

I work smart, not excessively hard. (I’ve never been impressed with people who tell me how hard they work. I am impressed by those who work smart!) One of my favorite quotes is: “Don’t confuse activity with achievement” – John Wooden UCLA Basketball coach, inspirational speaker and author.

I enjoy what I do, and do what I enjoy.

When assembling your team, ask yourself the question: Would I pick me for my team? The answer just might shock you.

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