What Inspired The Titan

Recently a friend asked what it was that inspired me to write my first book. I titled The Titan?

Some might call it serendipity, but I prefer to it as the “unpaved path” of the entrepreneur. I had for a long time explored the folks and events in my life that had led up to my life as an entrepreneur. I recalled that I had graduated from Arizona State University in the spring of 1982 with a degree in Political Science. About a week after returning back to Chicago, my best friend and former roommate asked me if I wanted to visit a place called The Chicago Board of Trade.

We were going to view this business of controlled chaos from an observatory and then speak with some young guys about the business. Call it serendipity or “the unpaved road” but 60 days later we were both Professional Commodities traders in the world’s busiest environment, The 30 U.S. Treasury Bond pit.  The irony was, the just a few months earlier I never knew the place existed. My career spanned from 1982-2001.

Since leaving the commodities business I have been involved in a number of business ventures. In 2009 I formed Live to Win Coaching.  LTW is a private coaching practice designed to help entrepreneurs and business leaders develop greater focus and skills to bring their businesses to levels they had never imagined.

In 2012 I decided to write my first book, based on my experiences as an entrepreneur. My idea was to use the knowledge I had explored as it related to my development as an entrepreneur. I had always been of the belief that I need to understand my past in order to understand my future. With the help of a very talented writer, Rick Butts we set out to identify the most influential men and women in my life, “look back to the future” and see how these folks including my father, grandfather , great uncles and aunts along with my mother, helped me to identify my “business DNA”.  The book is a short fictitious adventure novel, highlighting real life experiences, while tying in the people who played such an important role in helping me discover my strengths and weaknesses as a business person along the way.

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