What Are You NOT Going to Do in 2013?

As 2012 comes to a close, some of us will be looking back at the goals we set for ourselves over a year ago.

Several of us will be spending time looking ahead to 2013 and have already set our goals for the coming year. This year, I have decided to take somewhat of a different approach with myself and my clients. Instead of focusing on what I will do and what changes I will make in the coming year, I have re-trained my brain to think a little differently.

With the positive feedback of several of the folks I work with, we have decided to focus on what we are not going to do that we have been guilty of doing in the past.

I myself have identified several issues that I believe have held me back from reaching my ultimate goals in life. By taking the approach of eliminating road blocks I believe that I will become even more successful in my goals and dreams in the coming year.

A few of the actions I have decided to avoid are:

1) STOP constantly telling people about my failures in life. I need to take pride in my accomplishments and highlight those experiences. I believe that will help inspire my clients while helping me feel good about myself.

2) STOP focusing on issues and events that are entirely out of my control. It has taken me years to understand that there are simply events in life and in business that I cannot control. If I focus on that which is in my control I know I will have much better outcomes and results.

Create your own list. I believe you will not only find it challenging but kind of fun also.

The year goes by very quickly as we all know. Good luck looking back and reviewing your accomplishments.

Please feel free to comment on this post and let me know what you plan to stop doing in 2013.

To a fabulous 2013!


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