“The Titan Principles changed my life forever!
I discovered more about myself than I could have ever imagined, reached greater levels of success and learned to deal with stress in a new found way.
The Titan Principles = Game changer.”

Mike Altheimer, Miro Development Company, Chicago

“Steve is an engaging, dynamic public speaker—he captures the attention of his audiences by capturing their imagination. He brings passion, humor, and practical wisdom to the stories he weaves about life’s challenges, opportunities, and victories. His messages leave you deep in thought and ready for action.”

Marc Greitens, Director at Engaged Health Solutions

“We were fortunate to have Steve in to our high school to speak to our juniors in their business class. Steve engaged them immediately and had them on the edge of their seats. His message resonates with all age groups and empowers people to not only believe in themselves but to also be resilient in life and to never give up! Very inspiring!!!!”

Tim Bopp, President, Holy Trinity School, Chicago

“I invited Steve Werner to speak to my senior consumer education class at DePaul College Prep. He accepted my invitation a graciously agreed to appear pro bono.
If anybody has ever tried to engage a room full of 18 year olds during the last period of the school day you then know what a challenge it is to get their attention. From the moment Mr. Werner began to tell his story,and it truly is a story,he had the rooms rapt attention. The talk lasted around thirty minutes during which time the speakers voice was the only sound. Afterward there were a number of thoughtful and pointed questions that Steve answered.
Aside from the content of Steve’s story which is of course remarkable and interesting,I believe the students were most taken by his honesty and humanness. His story is one of both success and failure, and how we respond to those failures. This earnest approach is what captivated these bright young minds. Lest anyone sell them short they smell insincerity a mile away. This was a story from the heart and that is what the audience responded to.The following day I was still getting questions about Steve and his talk.
He even emailed a couple of the students regarding situations that were of personal interest to them.”

Larry Katz, DePaul Prep

Last week my student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business hosted Steve Werner for a presentation. Steve delivered a story about his journey as an entrepreneur that not only inspired our students, but also helped them gain insight into the real life ups and downs of a business man in today’s world. Everyone in the organization was engaged, entertained, and touched by Steve’s story. Steve’s book is essential for any student that is driven to start a businesses one day!

Gabrielle Nixon, Sales and Executive Leadership Club at UW-Madisom

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Steve Werner, and to introduce him to junior and senior students of my business classes at Whitney Young High School. When first recommended as a speaker by someone, whom I really did not know, I was hesitant. As Steve and I began to converse about areas of business he was going to address I became much more at ease. I did not know that Steve would echo in his story many concepts that I discussed with the students for the past seven weeks. It was a terrific experience for the students!. Steve’s delivery of the story held me personally interested throughout. Students were extremely attentive and impressed by a living example, a person, a “real live” entrepreneur who believed in himself and who never gave up. I would recommend Steve Werner’s presentation to any group or individual would might need extra inspiration and motivation in their business careers.

Orlando Piedra

I have worked with multiple coaches in the past. Most of them have been very formulaic and boring. Steve on the other hand has been extremely interactive and engaging. His approach of storytelling to get you to think creatively helps you to remember and retain the principles better. One way to describe Steve is that he is a people connector.

Samuel Thimothy, VP, Sales and Business Development at OneIMS

Once upon a time the most admired people in business were recognized for their old fashion business ethics and values. Steve Werner is one of the “Good Ol’ Boys”. He shares priceless business wisdom won in the trenches of life and business, and is always willing to go the extra mile to connect you to valuable people and resources that can help you move your business to the next level. Within 30min of meeting Steve it’s quite possible you will feel like you’ve know him for 10 years. He is really someone you’ll be very happy to have on your team of advisors and to know as a friend.


Matthew Lee, Private Equity Investments- EIP Holdings LTD.

“I recently attended the IIT startup challenge where Steve Werner appeared as a guest speaker.  I found his story both honest and compelling. If you have any opportunity to hear Steve speak, I encourage you to do so. His story will teach valuable lessons about entrepreneurship, family and happiness that you can apply to every aspect of your life’s journey.”

Neal Marcus, Patent Attorney, Chicago and Silicon Valley

Steve Werner, entrepreneur and author, is a humorous and captivating lecturer.  He tells budding entrepreneurs how to survive in an ever-changing marketplace by recognizing trends and opportunities where others don’t.  Steve understands that pivoting and reinventing yourself and your business model are the cornerstones of success.   Listening to Steve Werner lecture will make you laugh, as well as help you find the path to surviving entrepreneurship.

Donna R. Rockin, Executive Director of the Knapp Entrepreneurship Center at IIT

“Steve Werner gave a heartfelt keynote to our audience of university students during our innovation weekend. He was captivating and held the interest of students and mentors alike. He is particularly effective telling his entrepreneurial journey, giving us his insights in a warm, authentic way.”

Nik Rokop, Industry Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Illinois Institute of Technology

After reading Steve’s book The Titan and learning his story, we were just amazed at Steve’s insight, foresight and drive to succeed.  Steve helped us, challenged us and asked the hard questions that lead us to transition our business and poise ourselves for growth.  We then asked Steve to do a “story-telling” presentation for 35 of our key clients – it was a true eye opener for many in the group and the feedback was nothing less than fantastic.  Thank you Steve!


David Weinberg and Larry Libman – Weinberg Libman Group of Perl Mortgage, Inc.

Steve Werner has been consistently demanding as he sets standards of accountability that are needed in my life and a search for a new career. He exudes the “no quit” attitude on a daily basis and for me, that has been infectious! I highly recommend Steve, if you are planning on moving forward with your life.


Joe B. Former Independent Floor Trader C.B.O.T.

“Recently, I thanked Steve Werner  after a conversation for never saying ‘everything is going to be okay.’  I went on to explain to him that I recognize the power of restraint that he exhibits.  It would be easy for Steve blindly or generically to tell someone who is in the middle of an issue or crisis that –  all will be fine.  But, that  would only be temporarily consoling in the moment.  The real beauty of our interactions are that sometimes things aren’t ‘okay’ and that’s just the truth.  It is through his questions and challenges that have caused me to reevaluate my perspectives and ingrained modalities.  Sometimes, ‘okay’ takes a course change to achieve.  Steve is able to empower people to make real change, sometimes with the words he doesn’t use.

Finally, Steve might have one thing to add to this assessment.  He might say something, ‘why okay, why not great…’”

-Anonymous Client

Anonymous Client

When I connected with Steve I was floundering in many areas of my life. Career, emotionally, physically. Just pretending to have my life together, fooling myself but not Steve. After a number of discussions, Steve instilled in me the confidence and self-discipline to positively attack each day.
Daily I follow Steve’s 7 Tips on how to Live to Win. It’s constant encouragement for me to positively and honestly move forward with my life. Steve’s straightforward, no-nonsense method of communication has enabled me to find the strength to Live to Win every day. Many, many thanks Steve…..

Larry L.
Independent Floor Trader Chicago Board of Trade 1981-2011


I was and am a laid back non- confrontational person until I met Steve….Since I learned about’ GIVING TH GIFT’, my performance at work and in life has soared. My stress levels have decreased and ability to lead have heightened
My view of confronting has changed I don’t confront anyone still, it sounds and is too aggressive. I” GIVE THE GIFT. As long as I am thinking that way, things are easier said and done. This has resulted in tremendous success for me, my family and my business.
If you have not learned to “GIVE THE GIFT “…it is now time to start!
Thanks Steve,

Harold K. – DDS. Chicago Il.

“Steve is one of those rare individuals that is genuinely liked and respected by everyone who knows him. Having known Steve for over 30 years, I have been the beneficiary many times of his counsel and wisdom. Steve’s experience in a variety of businesses combined with his sincere desire to help people realize their potential is a winning combination for those lucky enough to work with him.”

Victor Viner – Founder & CEO Moji

“Steve Werner understands people at a visceral level but more importantly his life experiences allow him to view the world from a 360 degree perspective which translates into success for anyone lucky enough to spend time with him”.

Steve Kaplan- NY Times, Wall St. Journal Bestselling Author “Bag The Elephant”

I have known Steve for over 20 years as a friend, mentor, client and partner when I think of Steve as a coach, the words that come to mind are simple “Team Captain” because he is a take charge get his hands dirty type of leader that people follow. He does the job by being the example!

James Hartwell – President – Essex LLC Planning Based Money Management

“Steve Werner is a mentor, coach, and a true role model. I built my sales business just by listening to him on the phone. He understands how to build relationships, network with the best, and create repeat customers. I think what makes Steve so great is his true passion and interest in helping people. Working with Steve removed all the fear standing in the way of my goals. He pushed me well beyond what I thought I could achieve in life and in business.”

Daniel Rosen, VP Renovo Financial Chicago

As a young professional, with no college degree and a single mom, naturally I was a bit intimidated when I interviewed and was told I would be working with one of the owner’s of the company. When I was introduced to Steve Werner, I immediately thought I would not have the energy to survive working with him. He is like machine! Always thinking and always creating. My job working with Steve Werner was to execute his ideas. Steve Werner always made me feel as if my growth potential depended on how bad I wanted. He never allowed me to feel sorry for myself and always pushed me to my fullest potential. I have only had the opportunity to work with Steve for three years however it feels like a lifetime.

Steve is still a mentor although I no longer work with him. I am blessed and grateful to say that he is someone I still consider a mentor and a friend. He is wise and talented with infectious energy. He taught me to face my fears and most importantly, the gift of patience. He taught me that winners never quit and quitters never win.

To those who have the opportunity to work with Steve Werner, all I can say is be prepared. He will tap into talents you never knew you had.

Melissa A – Lending Coordinator Smith Rothchild Financial

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