Four Reasons Why People Can’t Find Success

Unwillingness to change

Plain and simple, folks just are not willing to change.  Many people wake up every day expecting something different to take place in their lives without doing anything differently.  Until you commit to change you behaviors , your life will look the same every day. Conversely, once you make that commitment or radical shift, you can start seeing changes almost instantaneously , whether it is in your career, your relationships, your physical or mental health. Unwillingness to change is a gigantic roadblock for most.


They don’t believe they have transferable skills;

People who have spent the majority of their lives in one arena tend to believe they are not capable of moving on to other areas. I myself spent the first 19 years of my professional life as a commodities trader. Most would argue that the skills of a floor trader were not transferable to any other profession. I always knew that my skills as a people person would allow me to succeed in sales, business development or anything else related to relationships.  Until you sit down and actually write down what your skill sets are, you can become paralyzed in the myth of not having skills that are in fact transferable.


Lack of focus

There is a tremendous amount of sacrifice, commitment and daily focus that goes into being a success story. Athletes set their goals high, surround themselves with a team of coaches and commit to a grinding, daily regimen of practice to achieve. You can apply this  discipline and mindset to any successful endeavor. It’s more than building habits, discipline is about grit, determination and flexibility.


We all get off track, distracted and confused. It is only human, and a fact of life today. If you put the right pieces in place from the beginning, set yourself up for success and have determination, your likelihood for achievement increases and your personal frustration decreases. Focus can help put you on the road to success.

They Have Not Developed A Unique Personal Brand.


Personal branding is valued capital and currency for professional advancement. How you present and market who you are, what you do, and whom you serve , so that you stand out, claim your space and build your credibility is essential and indispensable to the attainment of success.

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