Expect The Best


Why do so many of us spend so much time second guessing our efforts and expecting negative results? After all, if you put in the effort you were meant to from the beginning, you have to WIN.

If you start with the mind set that each hurdle is actually a gift to get you to where you need to end up, even if things don’t turn out exactly the way you want, then you will create a driving force that will enable you to not only “expect the best” but to create and be the BEST.


Tips :


1) Decide To Win- What does this mean? This means that you will not settle for anything less than The Best for whatever it is you are trying to achieve.  Envision yourself in the winner’s circle, on the podium, or receiving that all-important positive feedback from your boss, manager, or client.


2) Decide Not to Lose- Imagine the pain in your mind of what it would feel like to not achieve The Best. After all, if you put out your best effort how can that possibly happen?

We all know that there have to be winners and losers. Getting yourself accustomed to feeling success will keep you determined at all times. You can still have the best outcome and not have the first place trophy. It is all in the preparation. Knowing that you did your best in your own mind and heart is a victory in itself!!


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