Draw The Line – Restart Your Life

Most people I speak with talk about settling for less than they ever wanted out of Life. Less in terms of their income, relationships, etc., almost anything that requires time and energy.

I have several friends and potential clients who tell me they just want to get by. They just want to make a living- they just want to survive. They simply don’t expect as much out of life as they used to. They seem to be worn down and tired.

Times have changed, we have gotten older and economic conditions are tougher. But one thing has not changed – you get out what you put in!

I have many friends who say “I just need to make this much money per month to survive.” These are the same warriors who, years ago, may have made $10,000 a day in their careers. People with 7-figure incomes in the past, now just want to get by?

I just can’t comprehend it. The world is full of abundance. There is so much out there for the taking!

Don’t get me wrong; what people are willing to “settle” for is still a lot of money. Much more than the average person makes in a year. But why would anyone ever want to settle for anything? Why not get the most out of life and what it has to offer?

The answer seems to be that people are worn down, many times by circumstances that are beyond their control. But, many times the circumstances were in their control, like business, relationship or even health related issues.

Here is a recipe for getting restarted if you are up for the challenge. It’s simple. I call it Drawing The Line.

Remember, we always tend focus on the bad and to look first at the not so good things that are going on in our lives. So, be prepared to accept the fact that there are positive things working in your life. Now let’s begin.

Take out a piece of notebook paper and draw a vertical line down the middle.

On the left side write down everything that is currently working in your life. Be sure to be honest with yourself! There is a lot more good going on than you ever realized.

Because these items seem to be in control, make a conscious effort to maintain them along the way.

On the right side of the paper start writing down a list of things that are just not working in your life at the moment. Take your time and again, be honest with yourself.

When you’re done creating the not working list I want you to rate each item individually on a scale of 1-5. 1 means you can live with this today, 4 or above means this issue is unbearable and needs to be addressed immediately. The next step is to put the 3’s and below on the back burner for now. You’ll be back to those soon enough.

Now look at the issues you described as most critical, the 4’s and the 5’s, the issues that are causing the most stress in your life.

Think to yourself: What can I do in the next 60-90 days to make a SMALL impact on any of these issues? What ACTIONS can I take to get myself moving in a positive direction that will allow me to start to create some relief in these particular areas of my life?

Once you start to look at life/business issues in small pieces as opposed to large chunks it will allow you room to move forward. As you start to move forward, in 30-45 days evaluate the progress you are making and start attacking the less stressful items on your list.

As a good friend of mine one told me, “Inch by inch life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard.”

Start attacking your life on inch at a time – there is a lot of life left in you!

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