Dare to Have a Good Time

Dare to have a good time. This is something that self-proclaimed hard working people often have trouble with. This is also something that I have had trouble with for years.

The thought of actually leaving work, going to play a round of golf or just engaging in anything that may actually cause people to have a good time seems to be difficult for many people, as it was for me.

I, like many others, would fool myself into believing that if I didn’t work hard (sit behind my computer screen until five o’clock at night) I was not worthy of some time to enjoy myself.

Taking the advice of a good friend, I decided to make this summer different. I decided that enjoying myself more would not inhibit my success; it would enhance my success.

Take note of how I used the word “decided” not “hoped.”

I decided to play more golf this summer than I have played in ten years.

The outcome has been very interesting so far:

1) My business ventures have not suffered at all. As a matter of fact, they have actually gotten stronger. I have used my time on the golf course as an opportunity to network which has resulted in numerous referrals for the multiple businesses I am involved in.
2) I’ve played at least 10 times with my eldest son. This one-on-one time has resulted in some of the greatest bonding we have ever experienced together.
3) I feel more relaxed and energized when I come into the office and am better rested and prepared to attack my day.
4) I’ve become a better golfer.

You know the expression, “life is too short?” Sometimes you need to make radical approaches in life to make a significant difference. For me, it was accepting the fact that life could actually get better by taking a drastically different approach.

Are you sitting behind your computer telling yourself that you are putting in the hours necessary for success? Can you DARE yourself to make a radical change and throw some fun into your life?

It may just help you, your career and your relationships, just like it did for me!

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