Competing Mentalities: Scarcity & Abundance

glass_half_full_empty_1600_clrI recently received a phone call from a gentleman who had stumbled upon an article I had written several years ago on why traders cannot leave the (virtually non existent) trading floor.

He had done a Google search for alternatives to floor trading and, to my lucky surprise, my article was still on page one of Google. The article had then directly linked him to my web site (hey SEO actually works).

He was looking for some direction in his life and in business. He told me that he was still a floor trader, who was struggling the last few years (imagine that? I left in the year 2000) and had just gone through a nasty divorce.

We agreed to set up a time for a “sample” coaching session so that he could understand how I work and so that I could understand where he was at in his life. 

On our call, he began to tell me what had led to his eventual demise as a trader over the last few years. I know that most readers would find it fascinating (joke) to hear that it was a breakdown in discipline that had ruined his ability to stay consistent. He told me that he would actually make money 85% of the time that he was trading, only later to have a major implosion and lose everything, plus more, on his bad days.  He was now, as he phrased it, “under capitalized.”  He had developed a view that he was competing against, and losing in, a world that he beat 85% of the time.

Later in our conversation, he stated that he felt like the guy at the poker table with $5,000 going up against the guy with $1,000,000.  “Do you know what I mean?” he asked.  I remained silent.  Again he asked “Do you know what I mean? I’ve only got five thousand bucks and the guy I’m playing against has a million.”   After a brief pause, I replied, “If I’m the guy with $1,000,000 I would not be excited about playing a guy like you with only $5,000 in his pocket.”  “What do you mean?” he asked.  I said, “If I’m the one with $1,000,000, the best I could do would be to win $5,000.  On the other hand, if I’m the guy with the $5,000 and I was careful, disciplined, and consistent, there’s an opportunity right in front of me to win $1,000,000 over time.”

I told him he was so busy worrying in his mind about losing the $5,000 that he failed to see the $1,000,000 he had to gain.  Fear had the same effect on him that it has on so many people.  It made him see a problem where really there was a great opportunity. 

His next question was, “When can we start working together to fix my discipline problem so I can get on with my life?” My answer:  “Whenever you are ready!!!”

Do you have a problem that needs to be looked at as an opportunity? Or just feel stuck and need to move forward?

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