Coaching Tip: Learn to Play in the Red Zone ….

Recently, while speaking with a fellow coach, I started voicing my own frustrations about constantly “getting down to the 1.” In football terms “getting down to the 1” means being one yard short of a touchdown.

I mentioned to him that I had several opportunities in business to get into the end zone for the big score, but I kept getting stopped at the one yard line.

When I was playing out my first career as a commodity trader I followed a great game plan. I was dedicated, consistent, disciplined and patient. All of the components were in order for me to win at what I was doing. I followed an amazing, consistent path and all I needed was a little more time. How was I to know that I was going to get derailed by the advent of computerized trading, and my career was going to come to an abrupt halt?

I explained to him that I reinvented myself and started several different businesses. On one occasion I had again reached the 1 yard line, but circumstances out of my control left me just short of monumental success.

After listening intently like any great coach or trainer would do, he asked me, “Do you know who Dan Marino is?” Being the sports fanatic that I am, I knew everything about Dan Marino, from his college days at Pitt through his record breaking days as the lead quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. He asked me if I thought Dan Marino was a great quarterback. I responded that he’s one of the best quarterbacks ever!

He reminded me that Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl.  He pointed out that Marino was a master of “getting into the red zone.” The red zone is getting inside the opponents 20 yard line, the zone that would give a team the best chance to score.

He told me that I have made a career of getting in the red zone in virtually everything I do; from business, my marriage, my relationship with my children, to my mental and physical health and all of the other components that make up my life.

He alerted me that most people don’t ever get into the red zone, let alone down to the 1 yard line. I had accomplished this feat on many occasions. He convinced me that I was a champion despite never winning the big game.
To play in the “Red Zone” you must:
Have a game plan
Be persistent
Be patient
Have discipline
And, The Will To Win

All I can do is keep trying every day and give my all. After listening to my friend I now have a better understanding of what winning and being a champion is all about, and how to stay In the “Red Zone”.

Over the last few years I helped many people design their businesses and their lives to get into the “Red Zone”. Hopefully some will get down to the 1 and others will get to the end zone!

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