When Contemplating a Career Move, Focus on the Will Do’s

Sometimes when I’m working with a new client or speaking to a prospect on the subject of career change we get into the discussion of what the person is willing to do in order to secure a new opportunity. Usually … Continue reading

What Do You Look For When Making a Career Change?

Recently I met with several friends/business associates who are in the mindset of making changes in their careers. I found it interesting hearing to the types of things they get caught up in while crafting their personal decisions. There are … Continue reading

Life and Business Coaching Tips – Learn to Give “The Gift”

Do you have a friend, relatives or business associates who are high maintenance?  I mean ridiculously high maintenance? These are the type of people who would put their own personal issues or agendas ahead of yours, but expect you to … Continue reading

Change Your Life by Changing Your Zone

Most people who find themselves “stuck” have never made the attempt to live outside of their comfort zone. They never come to the realization that they actually live in the movie Groundhog Day where the same day replays over and … Continue reading

Outstanding Leadership Qualities – Leaders and Making Tough Decisions

Making tough or critical decisions is part of what defines a successful leader. I have been involved with several businesses where owners or top level management have a tough time pulling the trigger when it comes to making a critical … Continue reading

Frustrated With Your Lack of Success? Hit The Road Today!

I always hear this same phrase from friends and prospective coaching clients: “If I could just ignite a spark in my life…” The good news is you can!! The tough news is that it takes will, determination and guts. In … Continue reading

Business Coaching Tip – Do you need failure to lead to happiness?

I was sitting at lunch with one of my business partners just the other day when he made a statement that hit rather close to home. He said “Im really happy, and the reason I believe I’m happy is because … Continue reading

Top 5 personal coaching myths

Personal coaching is all the rage. Harvard Business Review reports that coaching is a $1 billion a year industry, but just what is a personal coach, professional coach or life coach, and why are so many executives and individuals using … Continue reading

Do Something Every Day to Stay Ahead of Your Competition

How do you stay ahead of your competition? What can you do on a daily basis that can give you that edge, while creating balance in your life that allows you to excel? I propose this question to my clients … Continue reading

Creating a Balance Of Business and Life

Is your business part of your life? Or your life part of your business. If you look at all of the most important factors that influence your life on a daily basis, ask yourself ‘am I in balance”? In 2005 … Continue reading

Creating Tomorrows Leaders- Why not Start at Home?

The young folks of today are the leaders of tomorrow. How many of them are living under your roof? My wife and I have raised three children. Now ages 21, 19 and 15 respectively. We made conscious decision years ago … Continue reading

Winning is not a Plan- It is a Decision

Winning – at any level, in any form, in business, sports, or life – starts with one thing, and one thing only: “unlimited belief” in what you are about to do. Winners don’t plan to win, they decide to win!! … Continue reading

Pain to Freedom – The Real Road

Pain to Freedom – The Real Road Have you ever experienced emotional pain that is so excruciating that you can barely function any longer? I know I have, and the majority of people I know have at some point in … Continue reading

Victim or Victor? Reinventing yourself after age 50

I felt compelled to blog about this after sitting with a friend the other afternoon. After listening to my friend tell me the story of his ups and downs the last few years, it reminded me how I must have … Continue reading

Invest in Yourself: When was the last time you invested in you?

Think about this question and even what it means. What does it mean to invest in you? If you have been an investor in the past say in the stock market or in a real estate deal what is it … Continue reading

Career Versus Job

Have you ever thought about the question, when I leave my home every morning am I headed to my job or to my career? Recently, many people that I come in contact with have expressed some sort of displeasure, boredom … Continue reading

The Poison of the Pits-Why Floor Traders Can’t Leave

Much like the world of professional sports where athletes seem to “hang around” much past the prime of their careers, the same phenomenon exists in the world of professional trading, especially for those who were former floor traders. In professional … Continue reading

Creating a Success Checklist

Can you imagine driving with a dashboard to look at? Or flying a plane without an instrument panel? Going throughout the day without some sort of Success Checklist is like flying blind to me. Creating some set of rules to … Continue reading

Making The Shift

PROBLEM———-CHALLENGE———-OPPORTUNITY One of the toughest tasks while facing a crisis or a painful change is what I call “Making the Shift”. The “shift” centers around two different people having opposite views of what stands in front of them. One person … Continue reading

If You Are Looking for Self Pity you’ve landed on the Wrong Blog

As I have stated in a previous Blog “Life is brutal, it will knock you down and keep you down if you let it” ROCKY BALBOA. Everywhere I go I run into people who are feeling down, depressed and outright … Continue reading

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