Who is Steve Werner?

steve with family

“Your Story is the best navigational system for your future” Steve Werner

Steve Werner is a  former Professional Commodities Trader who has transformed himself into a  coach, public speaker and “multipreneur.” Steve helps people from all walks of life become the best version of themselves and become Winners. Steve’s unique High Intensity Coaching (HIC) method targets issues quickly and zeroes in on action plans that lay the groundwork for lasting results. Steve’s life story is one of reinvention and a determined will to succeed, and his own fearless approach to life and business is the basis for his unique “Focus & Win” coaching style.

Happily married to Jill for over 25 years and father of three, Steve is also a business partner at a real estate security company, founder of Livetowincoaching.com, a public speaker, and best-selling author of the novel The Titan: A Business Parable with Time Travel. Steve is a master of navigating the challenges of running a business while still making time for family.

At the age of 22, Steve entered The Chicago Board of Trade as a commodities floor trader. It was in the high-pressure environment of “the pit” that Steve honed skills in split-second decision making. Time and time again, these skills have proven to be fundamental to Steve’s HIC coaching method. Following his career in commodities trading, Steve turned to finance, transforming a fledgling family business into a thriving real estate investment company in just three years. Navigating through personal and financial crises have had a monumental effect on Steve’s life trajectory, resulting in the desire to coach others to find the way to win in similar situations. Steve’s motto of “Never Be Satisfied” has become the cornerstone of his High Intensity Coaching (HIC) System. “My passion is helping people uncover and bring to the surface their ability to fight through issues and solve problems,” says Steve.

Live to Win High Intensity Coaching (HIC) System

Steve Werner’s experience with split-decision making as a trader, coupled with his daily High Intensity workout, have inspired and formulated the principles behind his Live to Win High Intensity Coaching (HIC) System

Advantages of High Intensity Coaching

  • Quickly identifies issues
  • Targets coaching opportunities
  • Focuses on time-saving actions
  • Creates action  for lasting results

Know Your Story

The best navigational system for your future is “Your Story,” says Steve.

Using his best-selling book The Titan: A Business Parable with Time Travel as well as the workbook The Titan’s Journal as tools, Steve coaches clients according to Live to Win’s Four Fundamental Principles:

  1. Know your story. Your story is your personal navigation system to your future.
  2. Never be satisfied. Create an action plan to keep pushing and reaching new heights.
  3. Draw the line. Separate what’s working from what is holding you back.
  4. Give the gift. When someone is causing you stress, be honest and tell them. Let go of situations that hold you back, either personally or professionally.

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