Who is Steve Werner?

steve with family

“Your Story is the best navigational system for your future” Steve Werner

Steve Werner is a  former Professional Commodities Trader who has transformed himself into a  coach, public speaker and “multipreneur.” For over twenty years  Steve has helped people from all walks of life , including CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Professionals become the best version of themselves. Helping people navigate through high levels of stress and anxiety have been the center of his coaching practice.


At the age of 22, Steve entered The Chicago Board of Trade as a commodities floor trader. It was in the high-pressure environment of “the pit” that Steve honed skills in split-second decision making. Time and time again, these skills have proven to be fundamental to Steve’s  coaching method. Following his career in commodities trading, Steve turned to finance, transforming a fledgling family business into a thriving real estate investment company in just three years. Navigating through personal and financial crises have had a monumental effect on Steve’s life trajectory, resulting in the desire to coach others to find the way to win in similar situations. Steve’s motto of “Never Be Satisfied” has become the cornerstone of  Live To Win Coaching.. “My passion is helping people uncover and bring to the surface their ability to fight through issues and solve problems,” says Steve.


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