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Meet Steve Werner

 Is failure a frequent companion on your life journey?

  • Independent Commodities Trader Chicago Board of Trade 1982-2000
  • Owner of Smith Rothchild Financial Co. Chicago’s leading provider of Opportunity, Strategy and Capital for local real estate investors. Funded over $500 million in transactions which translated into  thousand of units in affordable housing.
  • Founding Partner of D.A.W.G.S. (Door And Window Guard Systems) One of two companies worldwide, specializing in steel security for vacant property.
  • Founder of Live To Win Coaching
  • Certified Professional Coach – Coach Training Alliance 2009
  • Speaker-Story Teller
  • Best Selling Author – The Titan www.amazon.com
  • Best Selling Contributing Author – Going Up: Proven Strategies for reaching higher Levels in Business
  • Husband and father of three
  • Steve holds a B.S. in Political Science from Arizona State University

 Unsure what course of action to undertake in the highly competitive landscape of 21st century ?

Wanting to spend more family time?

Take that much needed vacation?

Work on Growing your current business?

Is it time to take that entrepreneurial journey?

When the going gets rough, those who value their time and resources turn to Steve Werner. With over 30 years of collective experience over various fields of business – from commodities trading to real estate finance and asset management – he has gained the necessary expertise and approach in leading his clients on the road to success both professionally and personally.

A highly skilled visionary Steve can masterfully assist people with personal and professional transitions. His passion for guidance that makes a difference was the inspiration behind the founding of Live To Win Coaching. The essence of the Success and Business Coaching Company created by Steve are the very people who seek out his services. With a highly personalized approach and one-on-one dialogue with his clients he leads the way in providing comprehensive, life-changing coaching experience that is the best personal investment for men and women.

By employing a unique approach towards his every client, Steve is able to develop a custom program to ensure individual goals are followed and a person’s capabilities are utilized to their full potential. As he, himself, states: “Only by confronting reality and my perceptions about reality first may I begin to improve them both.” Where many people struggle to bend and fit into required paradigms, he focuses on the subtle transition towards a mind-set that allows personal growth and development.

Trust is an essential component of every relationship and the end goal of Steve’s dialogue with his clients. Where other coaching businesses employ a goal-achievement structure, he establishes an on-going collaboration with every client, shifting focus on overcoming one obstacle at a time, evaluating personal developments and finding the road to a more fulfilling life journey. “My primary goal,” Steve says, “is to empower each individual client to make real, meaningful, and lasting transformations in their professional and personal lives. What pushes me forward is my clients’ success, if they succeed then I succeed…and nothing could be more gratifying to me.”

Steve Werner is more than just a Life Coach – he is a Life Transformer with the ability to see beyond people’s limitations and leading them on a journey of self-fulfilment and realization. His broad professional background allowed him to develop an insightful understanding of a variety of industries.

His experience and know-how have enabled him to help people in a variety of business fields and socio-economic backgrounds to find, understand and pursue their life’s goal and objective in a constructive and efficient manner. Steve’s strength lies in his ability to coach people on the successful combination of learning to pace themselves according to their innate talents with the zest and intelligence typical for the competitive field of commodities trading – something he has experience in and insight into.

In the highly competitive landscape of the 21st century companies are given an edge in using Steve’s understanding of the corporate scene and his ability to craft a follow-through plan towards success.

Before Live To Win Coaching was born there was simply a dream for excellence and continuous development. Today this dream is a vision and a promise that Steve Werner makes to the people who reach out to him. For every man and woman have a life path they need to take in order to fulfil their purpose. Get in touch to discover yours now.

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