Meet Steve Werner


 Independent Commodities Trader Chicago Board of Trade 1982-2000

 Business Owner

 Turnaround Specialist

 Founder of Live To Win Coaching

Husband and father of three

Steve hold a B.S. in Political Science from Arizona State University

Steve acquired his certification as a Professional Coach  from CTA – Coach Training Alliance

 Author Of The Titan- Best Seller in the categories of Motivation and Entrepreneurship

Steve understands the complex challenges and competing priorities that exist for business people of all types.  With over 30 years of experience in business, Steve has played a wide range of roles in broad array of organizations. Steve began his professional career as a Commodities Trader in the highly competitive 30 Year U. S. Treasury Bond pit at The Chicago Board of Trade. Steve’s aggressive  nature and high level of discipline allowed him to thrive in this environment  for over 19 years until the advent of computerized trading in the early 2000′s.  Steve  has also been instrumental in  turnarounds and start ups in various businesses  throughout his career.   His experiences in times of abundance and scarcity, in times of triumph and loss, and in times of hope as well as despair not only sustain him in business each day but they also serve as his impetus to being a Success and Business Coach (

In order to understand fully the unique circumstances of his clients, Steve engages his clients through intensive one-on-one coaching sessions.  By listening to and learning about his clients through open and honest dialogue he gains the essential knowledge and builds the necessary trust to help his clients apply his foundational coaching principle: “Only by confronting reality and my perceptions about reality first may I begin to improve them both.”

In the journey that follows, clients learn to identify their purpose, evaluate and overcome obstacles, and focus on what matters most so that they may lead more satisfying lives.  For Steve, life changes too quickly for anyone to ever achieve balance per se, but through coaching his clients can achieve mastery in balancing. “My primary goal,” Steve says, “is to empower each individual client to make real, meaningful, and lasting transformations in their professional and personal lives.  What pushes me forward is my clients’ success, if they succeed then I succeed…and nothing could be more gratifying to me.”

Steve is as much a player as he is a coach.  To keep his skills sharp and his head in the game, Steve continues his work in real estate finance and asset management in the Greater Chicagoland area.  He is also the author of The Titan – A Business Parable with Time Travel.

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